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Queers X Climate (QXC) is an international an organization dedicated to unite and support climate and LGBTQ+ activism to develop and implement solutions for our common global climate crisis.


History has shown that vulnerable communities are the ones to be in the largest danger of being further marginalized during a crisis, and the group of people who carry the heaviest burden. In the case of climate change, this is arguably the single most dangerous threat ever faced by humanity. All the development accomplishments, including the achievements on LGBTQ+ rights, could be erased within barely a decade by exacerbating resource scarcity and social unrest.

Based on this, QXC seeks to be the catalyst toward a larger movement in which LGBTQ+ activists use their power and influence to rally greater climate change awareness and environmental activism; as well as to increase the viability of the contributions that the LGBTQ+ community is doing towards environmental protection.


One of the main things that the LGBTQ+ movements and Climate Change is the word CHANGE. For the first, it means changing unjust social and political norms that halt the equal treatment of a vulnerable community; while for the second it refers to preventing an irreversible change in our plant´s atmosphere with irreversible consequences for humanity. Although different contexts, the end goal of both movements is to promote positive change towards a more just and sustainable society.


QXC´s main objective is to foster a constructive change in which the LGBTQ+ community engages with climate change activism. As a result, we hope to:


  1. Develop comprehensive communication strategies that allow to publicize the climatic actions that are being implemented by the members and allies of the LGBTQ + community, as well as promoting environmental awareness;

  2. Encourage sustainable personal and collective consumption among the LGBTQ+ community;

  3. Promote the work of members of the LGBTQ + community dedicated to environmental activism through the creation of a community where they can share their work and create synergies without prejudice and with equal access opportunities;

  4. Strategic litigation for the promotion of climate activism and Human Rights..

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