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Transform this initiative into a functioning organization that significantly complements, and eventually helps to lead, the climate debate.


Become the most influential bi-lingual organization that works on joint LGBTQ+ and climate change activism.


The first value of QXC is diversity. We will celebrate any contribution and opinion form everyone without restrictions of gender, sexual preferences, age, religion, race, social background, nor nationality, as long as it does not promote hate. Diversity is strength. It helps us understand many points of view and appreciate different solutions; however, it must be carried out in a respectful manner. Therefore, while a debate is encouraged, any type of discrimination will not be tolerated.


QXC strongly believes in inclusion. We welcome any positive contribution from any member of the LGBTQ+ community and allies and related movements, such as gender empowerment activism.


Beyond social inclusion, QXC strives to be a multi-lingual platform that encourages the users to use other languages beyond English - offering translation when possible -, and the use gender inclusive language. It is our goal to make our massage accessible for everyone despite their native language or any other potential barrier.


Finally, the underlying principle of QXC is respect. No act of discrimination, hateful confrontation, or the use of false information will be tolerated.   


Our logo and name combine the two groups we hope to unite. Both climate and LGBTQ+ are represented as a single unite that co-depend on each other.


As for the X, inspired by the latin X movement, it speaks about the inclusion we promote. Moreover, as a bilingual site, while in Spanish it means “for”, in English it refers to the multiplier effect we hope to achieve.

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