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The economic importance of the LGBT+ on climate change

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

According to an article written by reported Jeff Green (2016), the collective purchasing power of the LGBT community in the US rose to $917 billion usd in 2015. A similar study conducted by Fernanda Celis (2017), found that the Mexican a LGBT market represents an additional $65 billion usd opprtunitity. In perspective, according to the New Climate Economy (2014), we only need $3.8 billion USD in sustainable infrastructure up to 2030 to prevent an irreversible change in our global climate system. It is important to note that both article coincide that, it has been the progress achieved in LGBT rights, what has helped increase the visibility of this community's purchasing power.

As a result, corporations have started to implement larget and more frequent efforts to further attract the investment of this community. This can be easily demonstrated on how brands have become much for active in selling goods and services through marketing schemes that highlight in same-sex content.

Nonetheless, despite the economic, political and social success of the LGBT activism, this group has been greatly absent on climate action. There has not been significant efforts to specially target the attention of LGBT+ members towards environmental consciousness, and their voice is usually missing during key climate negotiation and debates.

Taking into account the massive impact that LGBT potential investment on sustainable solution, it is critical that in the next decades this community engage in climate action, particularly on the sectors that have benefited the most such as fashion, tourism, and technology.

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